Sarah Karacs

Communications & Marketing IntellIoT

Sarah is an award-winning, meticulous, and multilingual media professional with 6+ years of progressive experience in journalism and communications.

She has served an array of major publications and clients, including The Wall Street Journal Customs Studio, CNN, Design Anthology, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Friend of Friends and Zeit Germany, and is adept at crafting and curating high-quality articles, including thoughtful analysis pieces, reviews and interviews on subjects that bridge news, arts, social justice, science and tech. A self-starting, independent thinker and multitasker who works well in teams, thrives in fast-paced scenarios, and excels in producing high-calibre work on a range of topics.

Having worked in journalism, communications, education and PR in Europe and Asia, and having a multinational background, Sarah brings a global perspective to Startup Colors, alongside the intellectual agility that comes with learning to navigate a variety of social and cultural contexts.

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