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You may have heard about it through the Berlin startup community. Something new that we’ve been working on and are super proud of… Let us introduce you to Vision Health Pioneers, our new startup incubator for healthtech innovators.   So Why “Healthtech”? Well, healthcare is an enormous, yet inefficient, industry. We are convinced that applying existing, and yet to be developed technology solutions, will provide better care for patients across …

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A review of the SIBB e.V. Forum on Digital Transformation: Corporate Foresight Technologies are developing rapidly. Customer needs are changing. The future is rewritten every day. Companies have to constantly rethink and adapt their strategies — or be left behind in the process. While classic futurology takes a comprehensive look at society, “corporate foresight” methods offer concrete tools to implement for the development of a sustainable corporate strategy. At this …

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After advising the young female-only team of Data Natives in 2017, this year the team became one of the first clients of Startup Colors. Since May 2018, we support the event organizers in curating the event aligning with community partners finding supporters and setting up multi-lingual media relations PS: Check out one of the panels from last year!  

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