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Meet the people behind Startup Colors and our
international Network


We are a small group of startup experts and storytellers passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs and innovation across the world.

Your team is driven by change and inspired by smart minds from all over the world!

We support young companies to find their sweet spot, to get the visibility they deserve and to connect with potential business partners. We share our learning with established companies to make them understand, that entrepreneurship does not start by running your own company but with the right mindset.


  • Maren Lesche

    Maren is a communicator and connector by heart.

    The People Person
  • Diksha Dutta

    Diksha Dutta is an author, an independent columnist and a digital media expert.

    The Content Strategist
  • Amalia Nicolato

    Realizing creative inspiration doesn’t come without its obstacles!

    The Designer
  • Dara Lazarova

    Student slash Content Creator

    The Research Expert
  • Rainey David

    Rainey is a Technology all rounder.

    The Tech Whizz
  • Aline Noizet

    Aline is passionate about innovation in healthcare, bridging gaps and connecting people to make things happen.

    The eHealth Enthusiast
  • Dominik Krabbe

    Dominik is a strong believer in user experience, great team work and agility.

    The Design Thinker
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